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Guns and ammunition

A hunter may bring along a hunting rifle with 50 cartridges. We recommend the following calibers: 375 magnum, 416 magnum and 458 magnum but any other caliber with similar performance will do. There is a 375 magnum with a scope 2-6x, a 9.3x64, a 222 Rem. with scope 3-12x and a shotgun available for rent in the camp. If you bring your own rifle, we advise them to be equipped with a scope sighted at 100 or 150 yards. For elephant and hippo solids are to be used; all other game can be shot with soft points. For bird collectors, we have the necessary .22 with different types of ammunition.

Car park

There are four 4x4 vehicles available: two pick-up trucks Nissan fully equipped for hunting and two Nissan Patrols long wheelbase.

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