Hunting methods

Hunting in Cameroon is done by tracking, but less physically fit hunters can make a good safari thanks to the extensive road network and the game density.
At daybreak we leave the camp by 4-wheel drive looking for fresh tracks. Our experienced professional hunters and native trackers “read” the tracks of an animal: they identify its gender and estimate its approximate size and age. A first estimate on the time the animal passed can be given but when droppings, urine or traces of feeding are found, a much more accurate evaluation can be made. From this information the decision is taken whether to follow the quarry or not. Having a detailed knowledge of the area and the vegetation, and taking into account the direction of the wind, a first contact with the game is usually obtained in less than two hours. Often animals are only sighted at short distances; it is not unusual to approach animals at less then 45ft (15 m).

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